Palazzani Ragno TSJ30Palazzani Ragno TSJ30.

Lift & Hoist International - 10/17 - Palazzani Ragno keeps complex healthy

FTSE 100 company GlaxoSmithKline plc (GSK) is a science-led global healthcare company researching and developing innovative pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and consumer healthcare products...

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Maeda LC785 crawler craneMaeda LC785 crawler crane.

Lift & Hoist International - 06/17 - TCA Lifting Expands Its Maeda Mini-Crane Range

TCA Lifting, one of the UK's leading suppliers of specialist access and lifting equipment, has taken delivery of its first level crawler crane, the LC785...

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Palazzani Aerial Platform XTJ 52The first Ragno XTJ 52 in UK.

Lift & Hoist International - 06/17 - TCA has first Palazzani Ragno XTJ 52 in the UK

TCA Lifting, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of specialist access and lifting equipment for sales and rental, has introduced the UK’s first 52m spider platform its rental fleet...

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Palazzani Aerial Platform XTJ 52Palazzani Ragno XTJ 52.

Cranes Today - 06/17 - TCA Lifting buys convertible spider lift crane

TCA Lifting has added a Palazzani Ragno XTJ 52 to its fleet, a spider access platform which can be easily converted to a crane...

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Palazzani Aerial Platform XTJ 52The first Ragno XTJ 52 in UK.

Palazzani Industrie S.p.A. - 06/17 - The first Ragno XTJ 52 in UK

TCA Lifting, Palazzani historical partner for Palift Division, has introduced the first Spider Lift of 52 m height in its rental fleet...

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TCA Lifitng & easyJetTCA Lifting sells crane to easyJet.

AviationPros - 01/17 - TCA Lifting sells crane to easyJet

Cranes and access sales and rental specialists TCA Lifting have sold a 7.5t spider crane to easyJet plc, Europe’s leading short-haul airline, for the maintenance of their Airbus fleet. When replacing their existing Jones IF10, easyJet wanted a more modern environmentally friendly crane with improved lifting capabilities, and the spider crane has proven the ideal replacement...

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Red, green or orangeJekko SPX1275 (7.5t) spider crane.

Cranes & Access - 09/16 - Red, green or orange?

Some companies scour the market to uncover machines that offer that little bit extra rather than following the crowd or mirroring competitors’ purchases. Mark Darwin travelled to Hampshire to chat with one UK company that likes doing things a little bit differently...

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Palazzani Aerial Platform XTJ 32/CPalazzani Aerial Platform XTJ 32/C supplied to Proactive Access.

Palazzani Industrie S.p.A. - 05/16 - Ragno XTJ 32/C delivered to Proactive Access

Phil Lomax from TCA Lifting Limited supplies the first Palazzani Aerial Platform XTJ 32/C to Mark Peers of Proactive Access: specialist in lifting equipment in UK...

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Palazzani has stealth safetyPalazzani has stealth safety.

Access International - 09/11 - Palazzani has stealth safety

Palazzani tracked machines have auto-leveling outriggers controlled by a single switch and proportional controls with ramped operations for smooth and controlled operations...

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Sign of the TimesThe Maeda MC405 has a pick & carry capability.

Cranes & Access - 07/11 - A Sign of the Times

Whilst Farnborough-based Tracked Access is known as the UK distributor for Palazzani equipment, it also has one of the widest ranges of pick & carry equipment available for hire. Perhaps this is because operations director, Phil Lomax, has a long history in this sector having started his career with Jones Cranes on pick & carry cranes?...

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Palazzani XTJ42The Palazzani XT42/C climbs the entrance steps with the aid of a ramp. - 12/09 - Spider in the cathedral

A 42 metre track mounted Palazzani XT42/C spider lift was recently used to carry out repairs in Westminster Cathedral, London.
In order to enter the cathedral, the XT42/C had to climb the entrance steps and enter by the main doors. A specially built ramp was used on the steps in order to help prevent any damage to the machine or the steps...

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palazzaninewspidersTracked Access' new Jekko MPK20W with glass manipulator working in central London. - 11/09 - Tracked Access buys Jekko

UK based crane and access sales and rental company Tracked Access has added the two tonne Jekko MPK pick & carry crane to its rental fleet.
Supplied by Jekko MPK distributor Compact Lifting Equipment, the new unit joins a fleet of Maeda spider cranes and Palazzani spider lifts at the Iver, Buckinghamshire based company...

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palazzaninewspidersRagno TSJ34 spider from Palazzani.

Access International Magazine - 06/08 - New Spiders

Palazzani spiders go nuclear - The high-energy physics laboratory CERN (European Organisation for Nuclear Research) in Switzerland has been using two spiders from Italian company, Palazzani Industrie Spa, to install equipment for an experiment, called Atlas...

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phesqueezinginThis Maeda mini crawler crane shows how it can operate inside the confines of a building.

Plant Hire Executive Magazine - 04/08 - Squeezing in

After a slow start, compact telescopic boom crawler cranes are becoming more popular in this country...
Tracked Access is the UK dealer for Palazzani, the Italian manufacturer of crawler-mounted spider access platforms. In effect this put it in the crane business immediatley, as all Palazzani spider platforms have the option of a 200kg winch that is interchangeable with the basket...

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checkingtheclockA Palazzani TSJ23C was used to reach the area around the St Pancras clock.

Cranes & Access Magazine - 10/07 - Checking the clock

Tracked Access has recently supplied both aerial work platforms and mini cranes for the massive reconstruction project at St Pancras station in London. One job involved taking a surveyor up to inspect the building's structure prior to fitting a new clock...

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