Abberton Reservoir, Colchester, Essex

Product: Palazzani XTJ43
Client: Abberton Reservoir

Originally constructed in the 1930’s as a 474 ha body of water, Abberton is a wetland site of international importance for wildfowl, receiving up to 40,000 ducks, swans and geese each year. The reservoir was enhanced in 2013 to increase its capacity by an additional 15 billion litres and was opened by Sir David Attenborough.

Project: Fit ‘flight diverters’ to power lines near the reservoir to help reduce the potential of birds (particularly Mute Swans) flying into the overhead 132Kv power lines. The flight diverters are simple devices that are attached to the power lines but are very effective at reduced bird deaths and injuries.

Machine: The Palazzani XTJ43 was selected for this job because of its 43m working height and telescopic fly jib which allows precise positioning at height. Other important factors were the XTJ43’s low weight (under 11t) and large rubber crawler tracked chassis which allowed the machine to drive across soft and uneven ground. All the users of the machine had IPAF 1B qualifications but were given a 3hr familiarisation by an TCA Lifting IPAF Instructor and this was then recorded in their log books.

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