Palazzani TZX
Palazzani TSJ
Palazzani XTJ
TCA Lifting is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of spider access equipment for sale or rental. As the Palazzani dealer for the UK & Ireland, we offer the widest range of spider booms from one of the original innovators of the spider concept. Established in 1935, Palazzani has established a reputation for excellent quality, reliable and innovative equipment. All Palazzani spiders offer low ground bearing pressures and compact stowed dimensions with a wide range of power options and both wheeled and tracked chassis. With working heights from 14 – 52m, these versatile machines can work in areas inaccessible to conventional access equipment and popular applications include construction and facilities maintenance in shopping malls or office atriums - anywhere where low ground bearing loads and compact stowed dimensions are essential. In fact, many of the world’s most iconic buildings & grounds have been built or are maintained with the aid of these machines.


Model Max
Version Jib
Ragno X14J 12/14m 5.60/7.00m 120/200kg Tracked Tele
Palazzani TZX170 17m 8m 200kg Tracked / Wheeled Tele
Easy Lift R180 17.6m 8.5m 200kg Tracked Std
Palazzani TZX225 22.5m 10m 200kg Tracked / Wheeled Tele
Palazzani TSJ23.1 22.3m 10.3m 250kg Tracked / Wheeled Std
Palazzani TSJ25 25m 13m 250kg Tracked / Wheeled Std
Palazzani TSJ27 27m 13.5m 230kg Tracked / Wheeled Std
Palazzani TSJ30.1 30m 13m 230kg Tracked / Wheeled Std
Palazzani XTJ32 32m 14.5m 230kg Tracked Tele
Palazzani TSJ35 35m 14.5m 230kg Tracked / Wheeled Std
Palazzani TSJ39 39m 16.5m 120/200kg Tracked / Wheeled Std
Palazzani XTJ43 43m 18m 230/330kg Tracked / Wheeled Tele
Palazzani XTJ48 48m 19.5m 230/330kg Tracked / Wheeled Tele
Palazzani XTJ52 52m 19.5m 230/400kg Tracked / Wheeled Tele